If you are wondering how to give a guy good head you are not alone. Like any act the more you do something the better you get at it. Your confidence grows with practice. Women who do not have any experience performing oral sex on a man can get very nervous about the whole thing. This is quite natural.  After all why should we know what to do?

It’s not as if there are classes at school which teach this most intimate act. Ok, you really want to impress him but where do you start?

Before we look at the do’s and don’ts about blow jobs let’s get over a few hurdles:

Firstly, you must cast aside any mental barriers you have about giving head. This deeply intimate act shoud not be viewed as disgusting. Performed correctly it can be one of the most stimulating, exciting and erotic acts any couple can do.


  • The hygiene aspect plays on a lot of womens minds. It is medically proven that the human mouth carries more germs than the penis. The “pre-cum” which trickles from his manhood before ejaculation acts as a cleansing agent for the rest of the penis.
  • A good way to give yourself a little more peace of mind is to offer to bathe him beforehand. Share a bath or a shower. This will really get him in the mood. You can relax a little more knowing he is in prime condition.
  • If you still can’t get beyond the thought then you could always use a flavored spray to spice things up a little. Failing that your guy could always use a flavored condom. There’s a great range available and they actually taste good!

Swallowing Sperm

  • This is a big concern to a lot of women – but it needn’t be. If you want to do it then great but don’t do it if  you really don’t want to. It’s your body and your decision. There are plenty of other things you can do to satisfy your guy in the “moment”.
  • In between licking and using your hands talk dirty to him. He will be so aroused he’ll quickly forget about ejaculating  in your mouth! In fact being proactive is a key ingredient to giving a guy a great oral sex…

Tips for giving a guy good head:

1) Be enthusiastic! Men find this such a turn on. To be enthusiastic ACT enthusiastic. Look directly into his eyes. Let me repeat that – look into his eyes. Your partner will very excited by this!

2) Start off slowly and gently. Use your hands and tell him how much you love sucking it. Also say how much you love the taste. Guys love this.

3)Don’t dive in straight away. Tease and tantalise him. Run your tongue up and down the shaft of the penis. Flick your tongue off his testicles. Gently lick the head of the penis. Great oral sex needs variety.

4) Swap your mouth for your hands at regular intervals. Guys love masturbation. Gradually work your way to the main course.

5) Remember to kiss your partner deeply on the mouth. You want to make this experience as intense an experience as possible. Play with his mind as well as his body.

6) Use a lubricant or plenty of saliva to get your man ready to explode. He should be completely under your spell at this stage. Slowly masturbate him and when your hand reaches the base of his penis take it into your mouth.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you cover your teeth with your lips. Keep the mouth firm so it feels like he is entering a tight vagina.

7) Vary your mouth action. Deep sucking and quick ones can be equally thrilling. Communicate! Ask him if it feels good. Ask what he would like more of.

To learn more about how to perform orally click here.


I must admit, fear of gagging or choking on a guys penis had put me right off giving blow jobs. Experiences with former boyfriends had ranged from disaster to plain old knocking my confidence. I just did not want to give oral sex again. I did not know how to give head without gagging and and not knowing quite what to do knocked my self esteem. It had put me right off. My boyfriend of four years new this and he has been disappointed (to say the least). He brought the subject up again a liitle while ago. We discussed it and he suggested that I at least read this book. I reluctantly agreed. These are my findings:

To sum up in one sentence: I had no idea I had been so ignorant for so long! To start with I must mention the very informative sections of the book regarding sexual health and hygiene. I think any person who is considering how to give a blow job needs to be aware of these issues (particularly if you are going to have multiple partners and are unsure of their previous sexual experiences). This section is covered well and certainly made me stop and think.

I also learned a great deal from the diagrams of the penis. These illustrations identified the most sensitive areas of his manhood. By learning what parts are the most erotic for a guy coupled with other techniques in the book you can REALLY learn how to intensify his orgasm (more on this later!). I was totally unaware of this before I read this book. No man has ever sat me down and explained the finer workings of their genitals in that way. They just don’t do they?!

All of a sudden, how to give a guy good head was looking a lot simpler.

I also read with great interest some good tips on waxing and shaving. Again this is an area I had not given any thought to previously and it opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

I had a “lightbulb” moment reading the section on building anticipation. The penny dropped and I realised where some of my previous attempts in former relationships had gone wrong. In fact by building the anticipation the balance of power is certainly with the “giver”. You guy will be like putty in your hands. This can be a huge turn on for both partners. All of this is before the main event!

In fact the tips for the main itself stunned me.  No less than 15 techniques are outlined. Yes, you read that correctly – fifteen. I thought it was just a case of sucking and going up and down until I read this. There really is something for everybody here.

Deep throating is covered (the term itself used to put me off). There is some good solid advice in this section. My only slight criticism here is that I wish the author had spoken about it a little more. Maybe I am being a touch over critical as we have all heard the term “deep throat” so much I figured there would be more about it.

Nevertheless, there is an absolute tonne of techniques, acts and suggestions as to where you can perform oral sex. That’s right this guide even suggests interesting places to give a blow job. Now personally, I am not into that. Maybe that is just me (although you can never say never!) but for those that are that way inclined it can only intensify your experience further.

Speaking of intensifying things here are my direct experinces as a result of reading the book:

Having been impressed by the eye opening, educational content of the book I told my boyfriend I was ready to try a few of these techniques. To say he was delighted was an understatement! It was always going to be a case of experimentation to find out what worked for us both. Believe me – we have found out what works for us both! My favourite technique from the book is so hot that I have actually reached a climax myself while performing fellatio! I was a little shocked by this (but it was a fantastic shock!). In fact reading this book and putting the techniques into action has enabled both my boyfriend and I to have the most erotic and loving experiences we have ever had.

The effect on my life outside of the bedroom has been huge also. I honestly believe my all round relationship with my boyfriend has improved dramatically. Ever since I have learned these new skills our whole partnership is stronger. Corny as this sounds, he now holds my hand a lot in public (a big deal for me – he never used to do this!) an he pays me compliments (which were also few and far between). We laugh a lot more and my confidence as rocketed.

It’s a good feeling when you know you can satisfy your man time after time with an incredible experience for you both.

I gave a couple of my girlfriends a copy of the book after they noticed a spring in my step. One of them is reporting similar findings!

Any woman can learn this. If I can do it (and I used to think it was pretty gross) anybody can.

Despite the slow start (which I personally found helpful regarding hygiene etc. ) the book really comes to life the further you read. So if you want to build your confidence in the bedroom (the bonuses you receive with this book will also spice things up A LOT) and give your guy the sexual experience of his life this is the read for you.

I can honestly recommend this book wholeheartedly.


To learn more about the book click here.

deep throat tips

How to give good head depends on the giver and the receiver. Each individual is different and may prefer differing techniques or actions than the next person. That said, there are basic techniques somebody performing oral sex can follow in order to make it pleasurable for both parties.These guidelines can be found in a number of other articles on our site.

Once you are comfortable with performing the basics some women who perform fellatio wish to take things a step further. This next step is known as deep throating.

The term “deep throat” has taken on something of a legendary status. People assume that this act of fellatio can only be carried out by porn stars and experienced lovers. While this is true to a certain extent it is like anything – it can be learned and mastered with practice and dedication.

Similar to learning oral sex for the first time you just need to take each step at a time and feel in control of the situation.

Deep throating is a a form of oral sex wherein the entire penis is taken inside the mouth is called. The compression around the circumference of the penis just below the head makes the act pleasurable; add to that the sensation on the underside of the organ.

Gag reflex is one of the major obstacles in performing this since the average erect penis is normally longer than the depth of the mouth.
In deep throating, the penis must be lubricated since it will slide easier when wet with saliva. One should note that the saliva at the back of the throat is thicker than the pool in front so the trick is to press the penis farther as you can. This should be done gradually by pausing for 30-45 seconds and coming up for air. Eventually, a pool of lubrication will settle in your mouth.
A proper position for this is to make the fellatio recipient to lie down on a bed while you, the performer, is near the edge. When in position, the tip of your tongue should be extended so that the back of the tongue will be flat. Open your mouth wide as if yawning. By controlling all muscles at the back of the throat, a larger opening will be created for the penis.

Finally, take a deep breath and slide the penis into your mouth.

Some women are afraid of the taste that any semen or precum will leave in their mouth. This is easily remedied by simply eating a mint beforehand. For an extra sensation during deep throat or regular fellatio for that matter is eat some cinnamon candy before the act.

This gives an added “hot” sensation for your man.

Be sensible. If your partner has a larger than average penis, take it easy. Work at a pace that suits you. Build a rhythm that you are comfortable with. Only take as much of his penis as you are happy with. It’s entirely at your discretion.

Deep throating can be a daunting prospect for the giver. It does not have to be. Discuss these things with your partner BEFORE you engage in the act. Nobody should force you into doing something you do not want to do.


How to give a guy good head is a question that just about every woman asks themselves at some point in their life. This act is surrounded by mystery and confusion. Concerns such as “will i choke?” or “will i gag on his penis?” worry many women. All we want to do is please our guy but is it worth it if it causes all this worry and uncertainty?

Well, the answer is most definitley YES. And once you know a few basic tips and techniques your worry and uncertainty will disappear. Not only will your guy greatly enjoy this sexual experience but a woman can also take great pleasure in fellatio.

Now, we’ve all heard a way to a guys heart is through his stomach? Well, yes this is true but if your master how to give good head you will be in his heart forever.

Let’s take a look at just some of the techniques you can learn and gain confidence with.

Before any physical act takes place you may want to spice things up. Whisper to him what you are going to do to him later.If he’s not around  send him a message on his cell phone saying you are feeling horny and you are going to take it out on him when he arrives home!

This will guarantee to get him in the mood. Follow these simple steps for maximum pleasure.

  1. When you start kiss and lick your way to his penis. This will create teasing sensations to your partner’s body. Move down the stomach while kissing downwards or flicking your tongue on your way to the crotch area. Other parts that can be tantalised with the mouth before, during, or after the actual fellatio is the scrotum, testicles, perineum and anus.
  2. Take the penis inside your mouth with your lips firmly around it. Then, open your mouth and take in as much air as possible. While doing this, take more of the penis inside your mouth. Then, while your mouth is still open, let out the air while you travel back down. The upward stroke movement cools the penis, while the downward stroke warms it.
  3. You are in control of this oral sex. If you are afraid of choking or gagging don’t panic. Simply take a break to catch your breath but TALK to him while you do this. He will think this is part of the act. Say things like “i love your dick in my mouth” and “do you like what i’m doing?”. This will be a massive turn on for your guy while it gaves you a break.
  4. Flick the tip of the head of the penis with your tongue while your lips are firmly wrapped around it. Make sure that the distance from the tip of your tongue to the tip of the head is just enough for licking. Like the butterfly’s wings, “flutter” your tongue up and down the length of the penis in a rhythmic motion.
  5. Take in the penis inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips. Begin a circular motion with your head so that the penis will shift to different places and slide to different angles inside your mouth. The movement can be performed in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
  6. Remember to ask your man what feels good. Every person is different. Some may prefer it fast, some slow, rough or smooth ir a combination. Do not worry about ejaculation. If you do not want him to ejaculate in your mouth then that’s fine. You can always finish him with your hand and let him come elsewhere.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Perform these tips with enthusiasm and you will never wonder how to give a guy good head ever again.